Learn About:
Monthly Topics Include:
·   11 Keys to Increasing Productivity
·   Focus Your Time
·   Delegation
·   The Power of Leverage
·   Simplification
·   And much more!
Who Should Join?
·   Business Owners
·   Managers
·   Sales People
·   Anyone interested in growing personally or professionally
Invest in Yourself
·   $159 per month (Savings of over 80% vs. Individual Coaching)
·   2 Hours
·   Meal Included
·   Plus, ½ hour Individualized Coaching Session

Accelerate Your Business MasterMind

Level Two Mastermind Group
Increase Your Effectiveness –

To be successful whether in business or just life in general effectiveness and productivity is critical.  This monthly mastermind group will be focused on you having measurable success due to the power of increasing your effectiveness and the effectiveness of the processes in your business. The 2018 Mastermind will meet monthly, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at the beautiful tech-savvy conference room at AV Calibrations located at 431 Isom Rd #117, San Antonio, TX 78216.​

Work With a Proven Business Coach
Who needs a business coach?  Anyone who wants to be successful, that’s who!  David Robinson and Tim Duncan, favorites in San Antonio, didn’t only have a coach when they were learning how to play basketball. They had coaches throughout their successful careers.  Business Coaches bring out the best in you!

Meet Your Coach

Missy Hernandez is a Certified  Business Coach partnered with both Brian Tracy and John C Maxwell.  For the last 30 years, Missy has worked with start-ups and Fortune 100 companies to help owners, executives, managers, and salespeople perform at their best!  She has developed and delivered her programs throughout the Southwestern United States. Working with Missy you will find that you can create the future you want to have and you will make it bigger and faster than you could do on your own.  Dream… Build… Grow… YOUR Legacy!

ServSafe Manager Certification classes

Business and Leadership coaching and training

ServSafe Manager Certification
Regular Classes Held at Sysco Central TX - Click Registration Link Below

Food Safety is more important in your business than ever!  News Headlines tell the story every day.  Public concern about food safety has never been greater.  Each highly publicized incident of food borne illness deals a blow to the public’s confidence in our industry.
Texas Food Establishment Rules REQUIRE that there be one Manager Certified person ON PREMISE at all time.

On-Site Classes at Your Location - Click Contact Link Below

We are available to do ServSafe classes for you at your location.  We have trainers that will do the class in English or in Spanish.  If this would better suit your needs, please contact us.